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  Welcome to Genuine Psychics, your portal to guidance.
  Genuine Psychics offer psychic readings to advice you on relationships, ife, love, career and money. To receive the wisdom and insight of our Genuine Psychics please book a Reading for $37.50 AUD.



Welcome to Genuine Psychic!

If you are feeling stressed or are looking for solutions to problems that are giving you sleepless nights, you can consult a psychic for a psychic reading.

Psychics are people blessed with metaphysical powers and they also exist at a higher spiritual plane as compared to other people. This in turn gives them a higher vantage point from where they can see new paths to peace of mind which are otherwise not visible to the normal eye.

Psychic readings include analysis of the nature, personal traits, thoughts, feelings and emotions of the client subjects. Psychic readings predict the future and provide counselling and guidance on the issues for which the readings have been requested for.


How to Get the Most of Psychic Phone Readings

Looking for psychics phone readings? If you do, you’re sure to be one of those busy folks aiming to get their future readings over the phone because this may be the best option for them.  For busy people who do not have much time to go the psychic’s place, getting phone readings can become the solution they are searching for. But, how do you get the most out of your reading?

Make it on time for the psychic reading appointment.

In case, you cannot come on time for the set appointment, call your psychic and ask for a reschedule. Let him know about it and give at least one day for the reappointment. He will be happy that you inform him ahead of time. This is common courtesy that you can do.

Have realistic expectations.

It is okay that you have high expectations for this reading. However, be realistic in setting your expectations. You shall not expect your psychic to be one hundred percent accurate. An honest psychic won’t tell you only the things that you want to hear. At some points in the reading, you may get disappointed for hearing things that you do not want to hear. Many of them trust their instincts, and they won’t be telling you only good things that you want to hear about your future.

Focus yourself on the reading.

Prior to the session, ask yourself about areas in your life you want to learn about. What general concerns do you have that you want to have focused on during the session? It is better to have specific psychics phone readings than to have general readings.

Do not be rude.

There are some people who get really annoyed when they hear what they do not want to hear. They just want to hear the things that will please their ears. If you do this, you are going to have a fake reading because the psychic cannot give you an honest reading. If you find a psychic that only tells you good things about your life, then maybe he is not a good guide at all. Find someone honest enough to tell you the truth.

Take down notes.

During the sessions, do not forget to take down notes that you want to remember about the psychic reading. It can serve as your reference later on. Do not forget to prepare a pen and paper prior to the reading.

Always ask for a clarification.

When you cannot understand what the psychic is saying, feel free to ask questions. It won’t hurt to ask him questions about his explanations during the psychic session. Asking questions will provide you a better reading that comes with your understanding.

Remember that the psychic is neither a magician nor a fairy that can make your wishes come true, so he cannot tell you exactly what will happen in the future. A

These are some things you need to know when getting psychics phone readings. Bear them on mind to get the most out of the reading. If you have found your psychic for help, then prepare yourself for the reading and show up on time for the appointment.

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