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  Genuine Psychics offer psychic readings to advice you on relationships, ife, love, career and money. To receive the wisdom and insight of our Genuine Psychics please book a Reading for $37.50 AUD.


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We are always anxious not only to know our future, but also how to change it according to our desires. There are several areas of our life where we feel uncertain and want guidance to achieve our goals. Some of the important issues that raise our common concerns include love, relationships, marriage, family and our careers.


Our Gifted and Genuine Psychic Readers are equipped with the skills and expertise to answer these questions to enable you to see clearly and make the right decisions.


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Credit Card: $2.50 AUD p/min.
15mins minimum $37.50 AUD
Service Provider: Access Positive


Our Psychics can provide guidance on:


We have problems in relationships with our lovers, spouses, children, parents, social friends, bosses, office, and business colleagues. Most problems, however, arise in areas of love and marriage.

Irritants in love affairs

  • We feel attracted to someone, but our heart starts beating fast the moment we think of expressing our love for them. We lose our confidence.
  • We get a chance for a date, but again, do not know what to say and how to say to move the relationship to the next step.
  • The person we love feels attracted to someone else.
  • We are in a fix about the physical and mental compatibility with the person we love. A question that keep nagging endlessly is: will the relationship last?
  • Why my lover has become cool towards me and is drifting away.
  • My lover has broken up with me and I am desperate to get my ex back.

Marital problems

  • The warmth and passion that marked the courtship days and initial period of married life is subsiding.
  • My spouse has extramarital relations.
  • “I love you but am not in love with you.”
  • How to forget the past and forgive each other.
  • How to know when to quit.
  • How to prevent separation/divorce.
  • How to recreate the initial warmth and passion in married life.
  • How to assess the chances of survival of your marriage.
  • How to keep your children unaffected by your marital discord.
  • How to resolve the break up in communication.
  • How to resolve the problem of unfulfilled expectations.

The problems in love and marriage can be as varied as the individuals themselves. There is no stock template to resolve them.

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