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The French word ‘clairvoyants’, which is often used to mean seeing clearly has, of late, acquired an occult orientation. It is now more freely used for psychics to denote their power of extra sensory perception-ESP or the ability to see the things without the use of physical senses especially the eyes.
So the word clairvoyant is used for a psychic who is a clear seer. The word ‘seer’ here is used in the sense of prophet, diviner, foreteller, soothsayer or saint.  A saint is also called a seer because he can ‘see’-understand, take a comprehensive view of a situation, person, object, event, cause or karma in all its dimensions in terms of space and time.  This is to say, that a clairvoyant psychic can see through not only the immediate present, but also in the distant present, past and future.

To explain it through a real life example, if a criminal case is brought to the notice of a clairvoyant, they can ‘see’ the scene of crime in all its totality.

Clairvoyants can see the perpetrator of the crime-his/her features, complexion, height, frame and other vital clues including the weapons used or other relevant information in the case. They   can also provide the same information about the accomplices of the criminal, if any and their location.

The renowned psychic Allison DuBois has resolved several criminal cases through her clairvoyant powers. In one case she evenassisted the law enforcement authorities in Canada in resolving the abduction case of Tori Stafford, an eight year old girl of Woodstock, Ontario. The girl was abducted three weeks before Allison resolved the case. She debunked the police theory that the girl was alive. Her prediction that the girl was a victim of sex crime and was murdered proved true when her body was found after three months in a field.

Allison can even talk with the dead. As a clairvoyant, she says that she can see or even smell them. They appear to her in translucent form.

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