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Psychic Readers - Different Types of Readers

In the colorful and mysterious world of divination, psychic readers come in different shapes and sizes. There are psychic readers who specialize in palmistry, while others have clairvoyance skills, and some like interpreting tarot cards. All forms of psychic reading contain an ample amount of psychic knowledge which goes beyond the ordinary.  These psychic readers also have the ability to communicate and connect with spirits of time and space, such as phantoms, specters, ghosts and other paranormal creatures. Below is a brief backgrounder on the different types of psychic readers.  

Palm Readers And Astrology Experts

Psychic readers who are experts at palm reading, or palmistry, know how interpret and evaluate a person through the lines, shades, curves, colors and spots of the hand. According to palmistry professionals, each line or curve of the person's palm has its very own psychic manipulation and meaning. Psychic readers who specialize in astrology and the Zodiac know how to interpret and analyze the movement and placement of the moon, stars, and other heavenly objects, and relate these to the person's character and qualities during the time of his or her birth. Astrology reading though requires an in-depth and specific knowledge of celestial objects and zodiac sign symbols.

Tarot Card Readers

The tarot card is probably one of the most mysterious, and most popular divination tools in human history. A standard tarot card deck comprises seventy-eight cards, and is divided into two major segments, the Major and Minor Arcana. Each of the cards in the Major and Minor Arcana show different images and predictions with regard to the person's past, present and future events.  Each of the cards also has its own psychic ability and effect on the person requesting the reading. 


Coined from two French words which mean “clear seeing”, clairvoyance is also referred to as a form of extra-sensory perception, or ESP, which refers to the ability or knowledge of sensing external things and events without the use of the basic human senses. Clairvoyance also provides the psychic with the ability to see  or visualize things or happenings beyond the range or capacity of physical sight.   When hearing is involved, the phenomena will be called “clairaudience”, which also means “clear hearing”. Clairvoyance is also connected with a “trance” or a physical state of consciousness, which is used in communicating with spirits and the souls of the dead.

The market for psychic reading services today has also flourished.  On the Internet, as well as on the newspapers and magazines, you will easily find advertisements of phone, email and even “love psychics”. These offline and online psychic reading services either charge their customers by the hour, by page (for email readings) or by the number of readings conducted. The psychic reading industry however, still has its share of rotten eggs and scoundrels, who often prey on unsuspecting customers, who either give out fake readings, or ask their clients to pay large sums of money for a specific service. 

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