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Live Psychic Online - Chat to a Live Genuine Psychic

The words ‘live’ and ‘online’ in the term ‘live psychic online’ are almost identical in meaning. The word ‘online’ means that the psychics are available online to deliver their readings. They may be online either on the telephone or over the internet on the chat platform.

There is a little difference between the two mediums. While you communicate on the telephone by talking, in case of online chatting, you generally type what you need to communicate over the computer.  Of late, the mobile phones too provide the chatting facility. You can type your messages over them.

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An addition of the word’ live’ is made just to emphasize that the psychic is physically present over the mobile phone or over the chat platform to answer the questions or resolve the problems of the clients.

But the question arises: why use the word ‘live’ along with the ‘online’. This is done to assure the clients that they are not receiving pre-recorded messages over the phone. Or, they are not reading the pre-set or pre-formatted standard replies to their questions over the computers.

This practice is quite common these days. The clients, especially the free advice seekers are asked to type their questions and hit the submit button on the computer screen and at once they get to read the reply on the next page. In this case, it is the software that provides the reading and not the psychics themselves. The psychic websites use the automated or the software system because of the growing number of visitors who seek free readings. It is obviously not possible for human psychics to provide free replies to thousands of questions on a daily basis.

Nonetheless, the intelligent and serious clients feel cheated if they are offered standardized and automated replies to their queries. Automated reply system obviously generates distrust among the serious clients. This explains the use of the word ‘live’ along with ‘online’. This is done to assure the serious clients that their queries will be attended by live human psychics.

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