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What is Psychic?

Psychic can be defined as an expert who studies and analyses the human psyche –soul, spirit or mind and by extension, feelings, thoughts, emotions and sentiments. A psychic, in short, studies human nature.

An objection, however, arises that the psychologists also claim to perform the same function. They also deal with the human mind in all its manifestations.

So, what is the difference between a psychic and a psychologist?

The answer to this question is that a psychologist is a product of formal education that is provided in schools and colleges. Anyone who has a little aptitude can study to become a psychologist.
Again, a psychologist analyses and explains human nature in terms of the bookish knowledge that he/she has acquired over the years of formal study. The formal study itself is based on laboratory work, which involves the use of formulas, mathematical equations, scientific parameters and complicated gadgets. A psychologist uses formal deductive logic to arrive at his/her conclusions.

Although a psychic may be a highly erudite person—remember, Pythagoras was an acclaimed scholar, philosopher and a mathematician- they go more by their own inherent, evolved and spiritual wisdom to study human nature or psyche. They do not use mathematical calculations to arrive at conclusions. The truth is that the formal knowledge has no role in performance of psychic duties.

In fact, a psychic may even be an ‘illiterate’ person. The more ‘illiterate’ a psychic is, the more successful he/she can be if one defines literacy as bookish knowledge imparted in schools and colleges. The formal knowledge, in fact, impedes freedom of spirit that is the fountain head of psychic insights.

The legendary psychic Edgar Cayce did not even go beyond secondary school. A psychic is a spiritually evolved person who goes more by his/her instincts, intuition and several other supernatural abilities that are bestowed upon them by the powers above.

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