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Ask a Psychic

Psychic reading involves asking questions by the client to the psychic reader. However, it is important that the questions are carefully thought before. You must ask questions that will provide you clarity as well as direction with regards to your situation.

Whether you are inclined to know about love, relationships, marriage, success in career or spiritual growth, formulate questions that bring out your personal power.

Psychic readers are unprejudiced and unbiased. A client can ask any questions they wish without getting judged about their way of life. The psychic reader is only responsible to offer correct and comprehensive answers to questions and sound advice to direct the client.

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Asking Questions from Your Active Perspective

The best way to ask a psychic reader is to ask questions from your active perspective. In this manner, the psychic reader can yield useful information for psychic reading.

Using the phrase “Show me how” or “Show me the” is a very good way to start. For instance, “Show me the consequences of continuing my job”, or “What will happen if I leave my partner?” will help the reader give you clear answer and direction. Ask your psychic reader about how things will go depending on your actions instead of asking the reader if you must do it or not.

It is best to avoid open ended questions, or questions that answer yes or no. In addition, passive questions are not recommended because it limits, or decreases the flow of the reading. Another example is asking, “Should I” questions, or questions that ask if the client should or should not do something. Remember that psychic readers only give you guidance on your plans of action, and it is up to you to decide at the end of the day if you continue or not, based on the psychic reader’s prediction.

Questions That Should Not Be Asked

There are limitations of questions to be asked in psychic readings. Always remember that there are things which are out of the psychic reader’s domain.

Asking about getting medical diagnosis or treatment of diseases and mental illnesses needs the help of a professional medical practitioner rather than a psychic reader. Nevertheless, psychic reading can help you receive information about the most helpful way to go on with your situation.

Also, asking about exact dates in the future when things will happen is also another. Readers can predict things that will happen about the client’s future but not exactly when.

One Thing to Remember

The key point is, when you have a scheduled appointment with a psychic reader, the best thing to do is to prepare your questions in the way that they are useful for the reader to obtain information about you, so that in return, the reader will be able to provide you with clear and helpful directions to guide you.

Ask questions that are related to your life or anything that you want to know. You will have the right answers as long as you ask the right questions.


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